deinopisAlthough DNA sequences have been proven to be extremely useful to resolve phylogenetic relationships among spiders, the current knowledge on the spider genome is scarce and constrains available molecular markers to just a handful of genes. We aim to improve this situation through the generation of a wealth of genomic data for spiders. Central to this effort is the construction of several cDNA libraries for targeted spider taxa and the production of hundred of ESTs (expressed sequences tags) from these libraries for discovering new genes amenable to genomic PCR amplification. At the same time, we are using high-throughput sequencing techniques to obtain sequences for current standard markers in spider phylogenetics. This research line is part of the ongoing Assembling the Tree of Life: Phylogeny of Spiders, an ambitious five-year project whose main goal is to reconstruct the interfamilial relationships of the Order Araneae. A multidisciplinary team of 21 researchers in 14 institutions and four countries are carrying out this research project with funding from the U.S. National Science Foundation (Visit for further information).