panama_petitDNA barcoding techniques have revolutionized taxonomy and its applications. A short nucleotide sequence can be used as a species identifier, in an analogous manner as commercial barcodes define products. This technique allows the fast processing of a large quantity of simples, the rapid dissemination of information and the easy access to this information by non-specialist. In this project we propose to extend the use of DNA barcodes to the inventorying and richness estimation of megadiverse groups in tropical regions. The study focuses in three arthropod groups with diverse life cycles (spiders, water beetles and membracid planthoppers) in 5 localities in a transect along the Panama Isthmus. This setting will be used to catalog and estimate specific richness, complementarity and genetic connectedness of the selected regions. The characterization of biodiversity will improve protection and management of these regions and will facilitate sustainable development of natural areas of Panama. This project will provide a better knowledge about Neotropical diversity and the geological and environmental variables that shape its distribution